Flexion Distraction

Flexion distraction is a gentle procedure used to treat back and neck pain. This treatment is performed using a specialized table that assists the chiropractor in gently stretching and moving the back in different directions while gentle pressure is applied to the spine. The specialists at Duncan Chiropractic Group are very experienced in flexion distraction treatments, meaning we are fully qualified to treat your condition with this approach.

This evidence-based, research-oriented treatment is ideal for cases where the symptoms are too severe for traditional adjustments. The gentle nature of flexion distraction allows it to achieve results in patients with serious spinal issues without exacerbating the problem or causing pain.

Flexion Distraction is Ideal For:

The specialized table allows the chiropractor to stabilize areas of the spine in order to produce the best pain-free and effective adjustment. This non-force treatment helps to aid the spine in healing to ensure a reduction of pain. Additionally, flexion distraction helps us correct the issue that is causing the pain in the first place. As opposed to masking or reducing the pain, we use this treatment to address the pain at its source for long-term pain relief.

Our flexion distraction technique is a proven method for alleviating pain and achieving healthy spinal alignment. Contact us today to learn more about our flexion distraction or to schedule and appointment.

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