Motion Palpation

Chiropractic motion palpation, or motion analysis, is used to discern spinal column dysfunction. Understanding the dysfunction that is causing your pain is crucial for properly addressing the area for long-term relief. Our chiropractors are experts of this technique, levering our knowledge and experience to carefully study and identify areas that may require special attention with chiropractic care.

What is Motion Palpation?

This technique is based on the idea that muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues are the cause of vertebra displacement. To determine which soft tissues are responsible for joint dysfunction, we palpate the areas surrounding the joint in question while moving the spine into different angles. This method not only helps to pinpoint the anomalies, but also helps to determine the direction and force needed to correct the issue.

Motion palpation has been the accepted standard diagnostic tool for chiropractors in the United State since the early 1980s and assists us in determining the most beneficial course of treatment. After studying the problem, we apply treatments such as manual adjustments or one of our equipment-assisted physiotherapies.

Experience the Duncan Difference

Duncan Chiropractic Group boasts exhaustive experience with motion palpation, allowing us to gain insight and understanding of our patient's musculoskeletal condition. This diagnostic procedure enables us to provide our patients with long-lasting pain-relief and address the problem at its core.

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