Strains & Sprains

Many people get sprains and strains mixed up, or believe them to be the same thing. While they share similar symptoms (pain, swelling, and limited range of motion), they are actually different conditions that necessitate different treatments. As such, it is important to understand each condition so that the issue may be accurately diagnosed.

  • A strain is a muscle or tendon injury. Also known as a pulled muscle, this is caused when the muscle or tendon is stretched or torn. These injuries often occur from slipping, running, jumping, throwing, or lifting.
  • A sprain is a ligament injury. These occur when a joint is stressed or forced to move outside its normal range. Many athletes experience sprains when falling, being tackled, or when a joint is hit by an object (such as a football or basketball).

Our chiropractic care focuses on returning the joint, tendon, or muscle to its normal state. In doing so, our care facilitates healing and recovery. Furthermore, patients experience an alleviation in pain and an increased range of motion. Our typical chiropractic treatments of strains and sprains include:

Our experienced, knowledgeable chiropractors will treat your sports injury with the utmost care. We’ve helped numerous professional, semi-professional, and amateur athletes recover from their injury and get back to their sport. Contact us today for a same day appointment.

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