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Duncan Chiropractic Group has the experience and training to offer gentle, safe, and effective pediatric chiropractic services. We treat a variety of conditions including colic, reflux, sleep issues, and infections. Pediatric chiropractic services are a highly-effective and safe method to treat a variety of childhood issues.

Our Pediatric Chiropractors Offer the Following Services:

Pediatric chiropractor care is not only useful for treating ear, colic, and reflex issues, but is also extremely beneficial for pediatric health in general. Our chiropractors carefully look for misalignments in the child's spine, which can have a large affect on bodily function. Care for children is carefully modified for the child's size, weight, and individual condition. Furthermore, our treatments are gentle, pain-free, and extremely safe.
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Our very own Dr. Corey Laber is fellowship trained in pediatric/prenatal care. In brief, we are fully qualified to perform effective chiropractic care for your child.

Pediatric chiropractic services are effective and safe methods to treat a range of childhood issues without the use of drugs or invasive surgeries. Contact us to learn more about the benefits.

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