Physiotherapy in Brighton, MI

Staying healthy and feeling great are fundamental to living an optimized lifestyle. Duncan Chiropractic Group prioritizes individualized care, understanding that each patient's needs are unique. Our commitment to comprehensive wellness is showcased through our advanced physiotherapies, conveniently offered at our Brighton location. With cutting-edge chiropractic equipment and evidence-based techniques, we bring the latest in physiotherapy to enhance health and address diverse conditions.

Our Comprehensive Brighton, MI Physiotherapies:

Our expert staff utilizes a complementary approach to combine chiropractic care and advanced Brighton, MI physiotherapies to provide holistic care to each patient. Our services include:

  • Rolling Table: A powerful yet gentle massage that improves circulation and relaxes muscles.
  • Hydrotherapy Table: A relaxing and invigorating massage that does not require getting wet or taking off any clothes.
  • Digital X-Ray: Superior and safe imaging for diagnosing musculoskeletal issues and guiding our chiropractic care.
  • Ultrasound: Deep heat created by sound waves which provides a variety of benefits for acute and chronic issues.
  • Electric-Stimulation Therapy: Manage acute/chronic pain and promote relaxation with gentle electrical stimulation.
  • Cold Laser Therapy: Cold laser therapy promotes tissue repair, relieves pain, and alleviates inflammation.
  • Medical Cupping Therapy: Medical cupping therapy provides you with relief from your musculoskeletal pain while improving your circulation.
  • RockTape Kinesiotaping: Promotes healing and alleviates pain by supporting blood flow and lymphatic drainage.
  • HawkGrips: HawkGrips break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions, increasing range of motion and relieving pain.

Despite the diversity in our Brighton, MI physiotherapies, they share common principles: being gentle, non-surgical, and exceptionally safe. These techniques not only alleviate pain but also promote proper musculoskeletal function, facilitating natural healing and optimal bodily function. Our chiropractic care extends beyond pain relief, offering preventative care and contributing to overall wellness.

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Duncan Chiropractic Group is your dedicated partner for compassionate and highly effective chiropractic care in Brighton, MI. Contact us today for more information about the benefits of our chiropractic physiotherapies or to schedule your appointment, and embark on a path to comprehensive wellness, and learn more about our physiotherapies below.

Learn More About Our Brighton Physiotherapy:

Rolling Table:

Our Rolling Table therapy offers a powerful yet gentle massage, effectively enhancing circulation and inducing muscle relaxation. This technique involves a specialized table equipped with rolling components that move along the spine, applying controlled pressure. The rhythmic motion of the rolling table promotes blood flow, reduces muscle tension, and provides a soothing massage experience. By targeting specific areas of the spine and musculature, this therapy aids in improving flexibility, reducing stiffness, and contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

Brighton, MI Hydrotherapy Table:

Our Hydrotherapy Table brings a unique dimension to massage by offering a relaxing and invigorating experience without the need for water or clothing removal. This therapy utilizes a specialized table with built-in jets that emit a gentle stream of air to simulate the sensation of a water-based massage. The therapeutic benefits include improved circulation, reduced muscle soreness, and enhanced relaxation. This innovative approach allows patients to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in a comfortable and convenient setting.

Ultrasound Therapy in Brighton:

Ultrasound therapy harnesses the power of sound waves to create deep heat within the body's tissues. This non-invasive technique is particularly effective in addressing acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues. By promoting increased blood flow and cellular activity, ultrasound therapy accelerates the healing process, reduces inflammation, and alleviates pain. The application of ultrasound waves is carefully controlled and focused on specific areas, ensuring targeted and precise treatment for optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Electric-Stimulation Therapy:

Electric-Stimulation Therapy is a gentle yet effective method for managing both acute and chronic pain while promoting relaxation. This therapy involves the application of electrical impulses to targeted areas of the body, mimicking the body's natural electrical signals. By doing so, it stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, providing relief from discomfort. Additionally, electric-stimulation therapy can enhance muscle function, reduce muscle spasms, and improve overall mobility, making it a versatile and valuable component of our physiotherapeutic approach.

Brighton, MI Cold Laser Therapy:

Cold Laser Therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is a cutting-edge treatment that promotes tissue repair, relieves pain, and reduces inflammation. This non-invasive technique utilizes low-level laser light to stimulate cellular activity and enhance the healing process at the molecular level. By increasing ATP production within cells, cold laser therapy accelerates the regeneration of tissues, making it particularly beneficial for conditions such as soft tissue injuries, arthritis, and chronic pain. The therapy is painless, safe, and contributes to overall improved musculoskeletal health.

Medical Cupping Therapy:

Medical Cupping Therapy involves the application of specialized cups to the skin, creating a vacuum effect that lifts and decompresses underlying tissues. This technique is renowned for its ability to relieve musculoskeletal pain, enhance circulation, and facilitate lymphatic drainage. The cups can be stationary or moved across the skin, providing a unique and effective approach to addressing tension, promoting relaxation, and improving overall tissue health. Medical cupping therapy is a versatile and non-invasive option for patients seeking natural relief from a variety of conditions.

RockTape Kinesiotaping:

RockTape Kinesiotaping is a therapeutic method that involves the application of specialized elastic tape to targeted areas of the body. This tape provides support to muscles and joints while allowing for a full range of motion. The unique design of RockTape mimics the elasticity of human skin, promoting blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This taping technique is particularly beneficial for managing pain, reducing inflammation, and supporting injured or fatigued muscles. Whether used for injury prevention or rehabilitation, RockTape Kinesiotaping offers a versatile and effective solution.


HawkGrips is a specialized form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that utilizes precision-engineered instruments to target scar tissue and fascial restrictions. This technique is effective in breaking down adhesions, improving range of motion, and relieving pain. The instruments, made from high-quality medical-grade stainless steel, are applied with controlled pressure to the affected areas. HawkGrips stimulate the body's natural healing response, promoting the regeneration of healthy tissues and restoring optimal musculoskeletal function. This therapy is particularly beneficial for those dealing with chronic pain, injuries, or restricted mobility, providing a non-invasive and highly targeted approach to care.

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